A Message To The Lightworkers

A Message to The Light Workers

Keep pulling them out of the water 

Keep teaching them how to walk 

Keep helping them find their wings. 


You are a child of light 

You are aiding in this evolution 

You are participating in ultimate salvation 


What a beautiful experience to be a part of. 


An earth angel guiding them to their liberation 


They have completed the cycles of suffering that they were out here to learn in order to strengthen their soul to evolve into a higher life form. 


Find those who are ready so they shall help you with delivering this gift

Bringing awareness to this gateway that exists without their knowledge 


Bring forth the light from others

 by showing them yours 


You are here to be seen 

You are here to be heard 

& you are here to be felt by many 


To continue this expansion of organized chaos 

To continue this expression of the divine source god 

To continue aging in multiple dimensions and realities as one 


What a beautiful being we are becoming all as one 

All as this reality will allow us to comprehend in all facets that we explore and experience


We will learn how to work together as ALL 

& we will continuously return back to ONE as ALL 

This will help us be All as we operate as ALL of ONE