Become Best Friends With Your Body


We go through life forgetting our true divine nature.

We forget that the body is a vessel, a home and a vehicle to our life force.

Our body needs to feel nurtured in order for us to receive its maximum potential.

When we are young we don’t see our physical self as separate from us, we forget that the body needs to be cared for with proper rest and nourishment.

As we grow older we end up wearing it out and damaging it for long periods of time without realizing the disconnect we continue to create between the mind and the body. We treat the body as if it is a work horse. We treat the mind as if it is our only resource.

We are indeed here to have a human experience through our body, but we must remember that the mind should be on the same page as the body in order to find balance and flow in our life.

We have been conditioned and nurtured to live in our minds. We plan ahead and we learn from the past. We sometimes forget that we should use our minds to check in with our body. Are we feeling aches and pains, is what we are eating making our body happy? Are we lost in the future or the in the past creating feelings of discomfort and ultimately causing stagnation within the body and within our relationships?

How do we build a relationship with our body when we have never been taught to understand or trust our intuition?

We have to get to know our body in order to establish a relationship with it. Some of us have already taken steps to understand ourselves better, others are just going off of what they have been taught throughout life on how to take care of themselves. Whether it be codependently through western health care or through home remedies that have been passed down verbally from their families and friends.

What’s important to note here is that we all have a unique relationship to our own body. Only we have the ability to understand it at its full capacity. We can learn things about ourselves through others but we learn more about ourselves through our own observations and experiences.

Who are you and what kind of relationship are you in with your body?

Are you friends, enemies, acquaintances or  strangers?

How often do you try to connect with and establish a relationship with your body?

This, at a basic level needs to be established first; where right now in this moment do you stand relationship-wise with your body?

Now is the time to figure out how to re-establish or initiate that connection. It is never too late to make friends with the body. The body wants you to love it like a child wants to love their parents. The body asks for unconditional love and care.

Once the connection with your body has been established, it is time to discover what your body likes and dislikes by recording or taking note of how you feel after eating certain foods and doing certain movements and being around certain people, places and things.

Once you figure out what your body likes and doesn’t like--> Listen to it!

Listening to your body protects your vibrational frequency and brings balance and harmony into your life.

Also, speak kindly to the body and about it. The body is always listening...

Make sure that you are also checking in on old wounds that may need healing that could be triggering your nervous system, as these have their own needs to be met.

Also learning the difference between intuition and trauma from a wound is helpful in categorizing these separate from the general relationship you have with your body.

Once you have a good idea of what your body likes and doesn’t like, and you’ve catered to it and you’ve healed up from old wounds that were getting in the way of your relationship with it, then it is time to connect the mind with the heart so you can start dissolving and integrating the  ego.

Once you start dissolving  and integrating the ego- you are able to see your true divine nature.

This can only happen if you make peace with your body and learn to heal and accept yourself as you are in this life form.

Finding your true nature will unlock gifts and provide you with limitless possibilities and abundance.

In order to maintain this you must continue to keep harmony and balance with mind and the body.