Breaking a Karmic Cycle

Breaking a Karmic Cycle

I couldn’t see it then but looking back now
I knew I was about to walk into the depths of Hell
I didn’t want to avoid it any longer
I knew I was going to have to see through to the other side in order to cease the nightmare of it from returning ever again.

The suffering I would have to endure was going to be necessary to gain the strength & the empathy that I needed to help prevent this type of paralyzing hurt from being projected out &  experiencing over and over again.

Lifetime through lifetime

I naively but bravely walked into the fire knowing it was going to burn me so bad that It could possibly make me forget who & what I truly was.

But I had so much trust
I trusted my soul enough to know
that I would find my way back
With enough love
to hold me through
to the other side.

This entire human experience was designed to help me see life through the eyes of my soul, so that I may be present in its own evolution.

Seeing the evolution of my soul is the gift.

A check point to look back on and to reflect on all that I have been through and lived through and processed and had not processed.

It is a way for me to actually calculate how far I have come along in my soul journey.

& at times while lost from it,
my heart almost couldn’t hold the amount of pain that I was experiencing

As I would watch everything I wanted to manifest into reality get shot down and trampled over or taken away from me
almost as fast as I was able to bring it towards me.

I felt weary and tired of the battle that just seemed to be driving me upward with no view.

I needed to see it, the view from where I was,

As I was moving forward
in good faith that what I was doing
was actually going to make
a positive impact in this lifetime.

But I had to keep healing & digging & climbing,
I had to keep Moving.
I had to rely on the faith,
on the clues
on the signs.
And I trusted this
because although I couldn’t make sense of what  I saw was happening around me

I had a feeling and a knowing that it was happening for the highest good of me and for those around me.

There was a higher purpose, a calling that I had to follow.

Something that kept showing up for me.

Something that I was quite sensitive to.

I could not imagine to have lived and not have contributed positively at all?

This would seem like a waste of a lifetime to me so why allow it any other way?

Adventure, exploration, creating, discovering, excitement, LOVE, the journey of self awareness, the people we meet along the way

The emotions & the ideas that we share with each other.

To not want to judge. But to want to love.
To not want to destroy but instead nurture and care for.
To not want to cause harm but instead to want to bring peace and honor.

 Now that I can see it, I can help.

This heart was treated poorly in this life but at least I won’t treat another’s heart poorly in any life ever again.

When Karma visits, she visits hard.
So hard that
you sometimes need to take breaks from facing it fully.

The heart can’t run from the pain it’s caused others. & The heart must experience all that it gives out.

So the advice I’ll leave is to only give out love at all times.
Bc then you will be able to prevent unnecessary pain, for yourself & others.
Because love will always be returned to you kindly.
& practicing kindness is the key to continuously finding your way back to the soul.

You can not be lost when you speak the language of the soul
 because at that point
you will be leading the way with it .