Eclipse Portal Nov/22-Channels and Experiences in ADK NY




Nov 6/22

Death is apparent this weekend to help us see where we have not been cognizant of where we still hold fear towards it.

Death is just as important as life

Until we are fully aware and accepting of what death actually is. Until we are fully cognizant of where we still hold fear towards it.
We are always going to hold resistance to  life.
Because we are not fully seeing the cycle of how the natural patterns operate in order for the universe to breathe.

Because essentially we are the parts that make up the universe in its entirety which means we must operate harmoniously with it all in order to be apart of it.
We must fall back to natural order so that we may evolve, grow and expand effectively & harmoniously with the universe.

Integration is the key to staying in this existence entirely as a collective force.

Plant medicine activates the ability to remember the natural biorhythms of the planet that birthed us.
Plant medicine is here to help us during this evolutionary shift.
Together we will all return to the laws that helps us operate as one.

A crow visited me on the mountain top. I was meditating. It made a cawing noise flapped it’s wings heavily to get my attention.
It wanted me to see and feel its presence.
It dropped down on the mountain top by where I was sitting & swooped down in front of me & then opened its wings to fly off and glide out into the open air.

The sound and feel of the air that the crow moved through and with under its wings shifted my internal energy in a way that reminded me of the element that i’m here to represent.

Air- it gives oxygen to water, it gives life to the flame and it creates a container for organic life to breathe, grow and expand on this planet.
All in the image of the universe as it in turn needs to breathe and grow and to expand. What a beautiful element to represent in this lifetime.  🙏

I later learned learned that the crow was giving me a message.

A message to visit a long forgotten structure in ancient Egypt when I venture out there at the end of December.

The structure is called The wall Of crows.

The crow was reminding me of the bridge between the afterlife and the living.

The crow embodied the energy of Nephthis. She was the mother of Anubis. Sister of the Egyptian Goddess Isis.

The third God/goddess to visit me from the underworld in association with the idea of death and passing on.
(Anubis, Persephone, Nephthis)
(Helping me to articulate and communicate one of the deepest fears the collective Carries. DEATH & DYING/ impermanence)

My sister passed away at the age of 30 this year due to a fatal car accident.
My chihuahua of 10 years passed away by death of a car.
Death is still presenting to me to be understood fully.

Humanity just faced their mortality head on with COVID a few years ago.
We saw how conscious we were as one unit at that point.
Aiding in the expansion of our minds, to help us make sense of that observation.
With the activation enhancements coming in from the planetary energies & with the human mind expanding, another layer to the nature of our existence and reality is being lifted for us.

We are forever changed because of it.
We will be forever grateful because of it.

We are returning back to our natural light by making sense and understanding what we put in the dark to avoid, criticize and run from.
We are no longer polarizing our experiences we are now integrating them cyclically rather then compartmentalizing them to a detriment, which is what has created polarities and disruption of harmonious flow.

Organized structure inside of a natural cyclic container (universal laws)  is our best option to move towards evolution in this moment.
We just need to integrate.
Integrate everything in natural alignment to self.
Which is in natural alignment with nature & ultimately the universe.