How Bamboo Clothing Helped Me Through My Last Ego Death

Last year

I had a massive layer of my ego die.


I had to go through downsizing my business that I had worked tirelessly to build because of the way the economy was influencing my ability to keep up with the financial demands.


I was noticing how much of my identity was caught up in the workings of my business and with trying to keep it alive.


I felt as if i was a hamster on a wheel chasing money just to keep up, when the entirety of my business was rooted in holistic health and money was not meant to be the main focus of showing up to take care of others.


The energy of greed and envy was all around me and I was very confused as to why i was getting into power struggles with employees and other businesses over just trying to make goals and market to continue growing my business.


I started to notice how much my nervous system was attached to the outcome of whether or not I made a goal.


& my self esteem and perception of self worth started plummeting with everything that wasn’t working out.


I also noticed how my business was dominating the parts of my life that were meant to be more meaningful and joyful.


I couldn’t let this happen anymore so I surrendered.


I surrendered to the universe &

I allowed my business to merge in with a local salon and spa to help me sort through the perceived thoughts of failure and discouragement.


I wanted to make sure my clients still had a safe space to heal and I even made sure I chose a space to downsize in where they would have other services to utilize for their self care needs.


My business was my baby and I felt as if I was not able to nurture it the way it deserved to be nurtured. I felt like a failure.


I was burned out and I was nervous about the uncertainty with the future of my career over all.


I was at a low point and could feel the judgements of others who watched me grow and who also watched me fall into something that appeared to look like my downfall.


Believe it or not, this adjustment actually ended up being easier on my heart than i was expecting due to the push to join a community of like minded individual’s and by switching my wardrobe over to bamboo clothing.


I was expected to wear bamboo clothing at the new salon, as the owner who’s business is also rooted in a more natural way of  living, sells it and wants us to show case it to clients by making it our uniform.


The clothing was comfortable and gave an earthy look so I didn’t mind this. She also had a variety of styles that blended together that I could easily mix and match everything with which made it more fun to put together when getting ready in the mornings before work.


I wore the clothing everyday for the first week, moving through the motions of changing everything up, dealing with loss of clients from relocating and also working through the complaints the new clients were expressing as they were going through these changes with me, It was a bit uncomfortable but I was appreciating the fact that one part of the decision of what I was going to wear that day had already been made for me, and I had many pieces to choose from with a similar vibe to them.


It made my mornings easy and the fabric was light weight and very breathable so it took my attention away from making sure it was fitting me correctly and or aligning with my mood for the day as this was how I would previously dress in order to express myself to others.


The idea of image that I was constantly pressuring myself to portray started to fade away.


My impulse for shopping for clothing and worry over materialism started to dwindle.


I was no longer trying to keep up with the race that everyone was in to be, feel and look successful.


I was now allowing myself to breathe and deepen into the lessons that this experience was meant to help me learn.


I had a lot of feelings to sort through but the bamboo clothing really seemed to comfort me during this as it sometimes felt like I was wearing nothing because of how loose and light weight they were. I somewhat felt wild and free. I also felt very sensual in them and I noticed my intuition starting to deepen as I continued to wear these clothes daily.


Anytime I would try returning to wearing jeans or any other type clothing my body would immediately start rejecting it by signaling how it was suffocating my skin or irritating it by suddenly making it itchy or by causing my body to feel restless.


I decided to convert my entire wardrobe over  to bamboo clothing once I realized the difference in now my body felt with other fabrics.


This seemed to help me build a better connection to my body as I was listening to what it was telling me instead of worrying about how I was being seen or perceived by the outside world.


The bamboo clothing actually seemed to hold space and facilitate a revival of my internal being.


& then suddenly one day I noticed a shift happening inside of me where I felt beautiful just by wearing the bamboo clothing because of the way it held me, it felt like I was hugging and loving myself through it.


I started to receive more complements by others who observed me mixing and matching the pieces and I started singing and dancing while walking and moving in it.


The way the bamboo fabric touched my skin just made me feel more joyful even during one of the most humbling and discouraging experiences of my life.


The community I had become a part of at the spa was also helping as they were watching me move through this experience in the most peaceful and loving way possibly.


The bamboo clothes really helped me breathe, they helped me soften more into my feminine essence and slowly I started to unravel the excess masculine, fast paced and money chasing world of survival that I was caught up in.


It wasn’t something that I consciously meant to get lost in but the more I tried to keep my business together on my own by neglecting myself as a women,  the more I dug myself into a hole to my own detriment.


The spa gave me my self care back as we would all take care of each other with our unique self care skills.


I recognize that the bamboo clothing brought  light heartedness and comfort back into my life, which allowed me to feel safe and loving to my body, which ultimately gave me permission to rest and  evolve into the next expression of where I was meant to go and who I was meant to be for the next phase of my career and for my journey.


Today I still wear bamboo clothing everyday as it is gives me the most soothing and nurturing vibes as I move through my day.


It never wears out through the washes and the colors keep me grounded and calm as I work through my day to day tasks.


Bamboo clothing reminded me of what peace felt like to my body, to my skin, to my mind and to my heart.


It has served a very important part in my life and for that I write this blog in honor of it.


Life humbles us and it does this to helps us remember how to appreciate and value the parts of our being and the parts of our life that we forget hold great value to us.


Bamboo clothing physically, energetically and emotionally helped me work through the internal humbling process of removing energies and habits that were not serving my highest good.


Energies that were distracting me and pulling me away from my authentic self.


Bamboo clothing served to help bring me back to ME and it helped bring me back to the simple things in life that are easy to fall away from in a fast paced and ever changing world.


I am forever grateful to the bamboo brands of clothing that are out there as there is definitely a difference in energy to them and there is definitely a part to them that is very therapeutic as they helped me move through my own personal revolution.


So if you are curious about bamboo clothing or if my sudden change in wardrobe over the last 9 months, I suggest you experience the magnificence of bamboo clothing.


It has worked wonders in my life and it is one of my daily comforts.


It has helped me move away from putting in all of my focus on a world outside of me to focusing  on the world inside of me. For the betterment of my wellbeing and for the betterment of all who interact with me.


This is my tribute to bamboo clothing

I hope it gives you motivation to try it out.