Humanity is in psychological Warfare (trigger warning)


What if what we knew about being human was all wrong?

What if I told you that when we incarnated into this existence we came here with a natural frequency of unconditional love with a sense of interconnectedness. 

What if I told you that we have been hijacked from ourselves from the moment we started growing and developing into a human. 

The truth is, humanity is going through a psychological warfare. 

We have a hard time seeing this because we believe that we have been operating off of free will, but in reality we have been heavily programmed and influenced for generations upon generations. 

I don't like being the messenger of bad news but your free will has been hijacked too. Because you aren't truly operating from your actual self you're operating from a false self of who you think you're supposed to be and live up to based off of conditioned programming you have experienced as a young child until now.

Most of us as a child were told that you didn't know better than the adults, and you didn't have the right to attest even if it didn't feel right to you. Attesting only made it more difficult for you to survive so you were forced to conform as much as you could in order to make it into adulthood safely. 

The only problem is that when we finally make it into adulthood we have about 18 years of programs, limited beliefs, wounds and expectations we need to go through and process. 

Another problem, your parents were also probably operating off of a false self and their parents as well. So all of these unprocessed and unhealed beliefs and programs and behaviors are being passed down over and over and over again. & then we make it into adulthood. 

Adulthood is really busy, because then you have to make money to live, so we fill up our days and nights trying to make ends meet to build a career and home life that will make us comfortable. Do we really know what makes us comfortable?

If we aren't taking the time to process and release and/or replace some of our programming with that which is of our truest nature we will end up living a life full of many more built up programs, expectations and obligations which are not actually ours but more of an illusion we are expected to uphold for ourselves by others. 

So do we ever really have time to get to know who we really are? & Have we been thrown into a system that keeps us away from our true nature? 

Does our culture have an effective way to process, replace, restore and heal back to our truest most authentic selves in place for everyone to have access to?

Giving everyone full access to mind body and soul healing and learning how they interact with one another to help us operate would create the change we wish to see in this world.

Learning how to do the inner work is necessary to heal and learning how to manually operate as human is vital to our evolution. Connecting to self regularly and processing/ Releasing that which is meant and not meant to stay with your frequency is essential to expanding the mind and evolving into a more balanced, harmonious and loving species.