When Nature Speaks To You

Meditating With a Tree


Acknowledging the energy field of another life form while stepping into it will open up a whole new world for us.

Life is not just meant to be lived through the physical senses only.

We have other senses available to explore and to help us feel more into and experience this reality.

When we focus too much on the physical aspects of life we can get lost in it.
To the point where it becomes a distraction and it can take away from the quality and depth of life that we truly want to live.

When I first started listening to the energetic nudges I was receiving from nature, I started meditating with trees.

When we become in tune with the energies of other life around us it is actually a beautiful gift.

Once you get over the idea of separateness you start to accept the idea of interconnectedness and oneness.

When we are all operating in harmony with one another we are all able to progress much faster.
Because we are no longer delaying ourselves from getting things done due to distractions and avoidance.
We are just trying to play our part in all of the systems that we are here to be apart of.

This is the key to finding true purpose and happiness.

Through balance. It’s not just about us anymore.

Understanding, remaining vulnerable to each other and acknowledging the part of us that’s interconnected with everything around us.

This will help us heal, this will help us advance & this will help us create new systems and programs to help humankind evolve and grow in a loving & positive direction.