Retrograde Season Summer 2021



If this retrograde season has you feeling stuck, Check out what each planet is doing to help you work on different aspects of your healing journey.

Pluto- “The planet of transformation”
When this planet is in retrograde prepare to explore your shadow and clearing your limited beliefs.
When Pluto is in retrograde you may feel alone and isolated but it is actually creating space to tune into our intuition – our inner knowing.
A Pluto retrograde will expose the falsehoods in our life and we’ll have to face harsh truths that perhaps before the retrograde we didn’t want to accept.
But Pluto is really asking us to transform out of our limiting beliefs and what is no longer serving us so that we can rise like a phoenix from the ashes anew and so much more powerful than before.

Neptune- The planet of “dreariness,illusion,Disillusion and confusion”
When Neptune is in retrograde be prepared to see the rose colored glasses come off. The harsh and eye opening truth will be revealed to you about people and/or situations in your life. It’s not always fun to see the truth but Neptune will show you so that you can discern better about the direction you truly want to go.
Be prepared to receive reality checks and epiphanies during this timeframe.

Jupiter- The planet of “fortune and abundance”
When Jupiter goes retrograde it is giving us the opportunity to work on our blockages.
The blockages that hold us back from abundance and prosperity. It is allowing us to work on our personal growth and expansion and help us identify how we can gain comfort in these areas.

Saturn- the planet of “structure, time, karma and authority”
When Saturn turns retrograde it can cause us to feel restricted in our ability to move forward. This leaves us feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. Also since Saturn mostly represents stability when it is retro you may get feelings of foundational instability from a personal to a political level. This uneasiness of these unpredictable occupancies might cause you to feel uprooted and fearful of change.

Chiron- this asteroid/planet is know as “the wounded warrior”
When Chiron is retrograde it is helping us heal our traumas. So randomly old and repressed feelings may resurface that we may not be mentally prepared to work through. Knowing when Chiron goes retrograde could help you set up the support needed to work through some of these wounds that we haven’t been thinking about but subconsciously reacting to for years.