The Shadow




The Shadow

The most common view of the shadow is that most fear it because of what it holds.

The parts we reject about ourselves
The parts others have rejected in the past
The parts we judge and neglect
The parts we don’t want to acknowledge because then we might have to do something about them in order to feel the need to feed the need of being accepted and understood by others.

What I have discovered on my journey when I finally gave myself permission to dive in, is that the shadow is not scary, where at times it did surprise me, it didn’t terrify me as much as I assumed it would.

It actually empowered me.

It wasn’t just angry

It was actually sad. And it was hurt.

It was hurt because it was repressed and treated as if it was a part of me that didn’t matter and didn’t deserve to be expressed.

And while all of my bad habits resided there, or so I thought, I myself had a hard time actually holding space to really truly spend time with it, even after I discovered my own light.

I found that my biggest reason for resisting it was mostly because I didn’t want to feel the pain from all of the voices and  judgements that I had experienced from others whom I either looked up to,trusted or perceived that they knew better than I.

to actually realize that I believed that their projections and their pain was my truth.

To come out realizing that none of it was true through the eyes of my soul.

And that because of avoiding these aspects of myself, I allowed myself to live in the lies and pains of many for more than two decades.

The truths that your shadow will reveal to you, will liberate you beyond the constructs of what you believe to be currently true of this reality.

The shadow gives you access not only to your intuition but also to your DNA and extra sensory gifts that have been passed on to you.

It is in your shadow where all of the information is that is designed to help you see beyond the illusions and the confusions of this physical reality.

It will show you who you truly are as a whole rather than just as a half.

It will show you how magnificent you are in both light and dark aspects of your being. 

It will help you heal past the things that you had no idea how to process because you were refusing to see and operate from ALL parts of yourself the entire time.

Your shadow is your foundation, your light is the projection.

Don’t be afraid of your shadow- it’s there to help you evolve and it’s there to help you stay connected, integrated and balanced within yourself and with everything outside of you.

Avoiding it, rejecting it and pretending that it doesn’t exist is only stunting and delaying your ability to truly become everything you were meant to become in this world.


The judgements and the fears are all lies

The fear was put there as a weapon to keep you from being curious about yourself & discovering your true power.

And when you let yourself SEE yourself and EMBODY yourself fully

You will realize that your shadow isn’t “evil” at all

it’s always just been the unseen parts of you that have been wishing and nudging you to pay attention to them so that they may be SEEN and LOVED by you FULLY.

To help you step into who you truly are

A multidimensional being connected to the ALL